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Alice Walker, PhD Research at Oxford Brookes University

A talk for AWOC York online Thurs. 2 May 24

Ageing Without Children is a local peer support group and you can find out more at The national charity is at


·       There is a massive increase in the number of older people living alone and challenges to health and mobility also increase with age. How do you make housing decisions?

·       54 interviews with people from 65 to 99 years old, individuals, couples, and practitioners working with older people.

·       Few decisions are based on any written advice or information – most made by talking to people, family, friends, peer support groups like AWOC York, knowing someone in the type of housing you’re interested in and visiting.

·       What if partner’s wishes differ? Or pro & con advice from family members, friends, etc.?

·       Solo people ageing alone without children or nearby family are already making decisions about living independently. Beware of couple dependence on each other – when one goes, the safety net goes with them.

·       “Stayers” say they will stay in the current home until they are carried out in a box. “Disruptors” don’t believe in my home or care home and want to know what else is out there.

·       The key is action no matter how big or small. Move early while you are still active if you are going to move….it will only get harder as you age. Make adaptations in house or garden before a crisis. Get quotes, plan ahead, do research, install a key safe. Face the Future!

·       There is SATISFACTION IN ACTION….you’ll feel better for having done something J

·       Remember – you can’t stop the rain, but you can get an umbrella.


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